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03/03/2013Innomoto was born.

Innomoto Cycleparts saw a continuous growth in motorcycle sales, due to the need of Filipino’s to resort in a less expensive and more efficient way to travel. Price hikes are everywhere, each and every person needs to tighten their belts somewhere. As food is to people, spare parts are to motorcycle units.

2017. We moved to a bigger and better location, where both shop owners can shop like how they would in a grocery store. We carry spare parts from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and China which caters to units such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, SYM, Motorstar, Rusi, Racal, and Sinski, just to name a few. Innomoto is a one stop shop for all your needs, eliminating the stressful and time-consuming search for multiple suppliers. We pride ourselves in being the most reputable, trustworthy and dependable supplier in the Industry.

2018. We launched our online retail shop, where customers may be able to buy their much-needed parts in the comforts of their own home or store. We were a wholesale business who wanted to help entrepreneurs seeking new business opportunities, explore the world of motorcycle spare parts. Now, we have expanded into the retail business as well, catering to end-users, providing them with the best value, competitive price, convenience and the best customer service in market.

Why buy with us?

NGK & D.I.D Thailand Factory Visit

With the onset of fake or imitation products in the country, we are working closely together with the top brands of motorcycle parts industry in the Philippines. Innomoto Cycleparts guarantees that all products sold to their customers are Genuine and Original.

Yearly Pre-Holy Week Sale, Free Check-up & Installation

Innomoto Cycleparts in partnership with NGK Spark Plugs, Eneos Oils and Poweroad Batteries are conducting a yearly event for motorcycle riders/enthusiasts right before the Holy Week. This is the time when groups or individual riders go off on long rides across the country. In this way, Innomoto can ensure the safety of the riders before they embark on their journey. #innomotocares

Thousands of Happy Customers to Date

Here at Innomoto Cycleparts, our customers deserve only the best. We are continuously improving and innovating new ways to deliver the best buying experience for everyone.